Farm to People

Maximizing a startup’s growing potential.

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Farm to People is a grocery delivery startup that aims to create a fairer food system by making locally sourced food conveniently available to everyone in NYC.

Having seen success in its early days, Farm To People was ready to upgrade its online platform and start scaling. They needed a site that would allow them to easily manage their inventory and track online purchases, all while reflecting their recognizable brand and ethos.

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The project started with a thorough research and discovery phase. In doing so, we determined the architectural elements necessary to develop the site fully. We implemented a custom API as a middleware for Farm To People’s new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to better sync with the rebuilt front end and integrations with Sanity, Mailchimp, auth, and others.

Recognizing that customers needed intuitive navigation to explore inventory and set up seasonal produce subscription boxes, we overhauled the user flow through a 4-month intensive design process.

User flows
Farm to People early iterations

Early design iterations

Farm To People’s primary product is an entirely customizable weekly farm box subscription. Through conducting user interviews and iterative design, our team developed an intuitive and enjoyable user experience for both mobile and desktop

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Desktop design

A startup that previously relied on outside sources to manage its data now owns its tech — thus empowering them to continue scaling.

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